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7 popular fabrics used in uniforms

Texture TK
     Fabric TK Has good stretch properties  in a beautiful shape and the fabric is soft But there is a disadvantage that the fabric will not absorb sweat. Ventilation is not as good as expensive fabrics.  
Fabric TK It is a popular fabric used to make polo shirts. To be a gift for souvenirs in the company's various festivals, because it is a fabric with a soft texture, comfortable to wear and the price is not too expensive. Fabric TK34 It is a smooth fabric. suitable for making t-shirts The price may be a little higher than the normal TK cloth, but the quality is better, with a softer texture. not harsh make it comfortable

Fabric TC
     Fabric TC is a fabric suitable for producing polo shirts. because it is a blend of cotton 35% and Polyester 65% (synthetic fabrics), so many companies prefer to use TC to make their polo shirts. for employees to wear Suitable for both working in the office and going out to contact customers outside. With the properties of the fabric that is flexible, soft, the texture is not rough. It is comfortable to wear and also has special properties in ventilation better than fabric TK also

Fabric Dry TECH
     Fabric DRY TECH is a new innovation of weaving. Because it is a combination of fabric Cotton And Micro Fiber Polyester  The fabric is highly flexible when wearing, making it feel light and comfortable. and the fabric helps to absorb water and ventilate well.  is very popular nowadays. But Dry TECH fabrics have disadvantages as well, they wrinkle easily, but they can be fixed by ironing


     Fabric Cotton or cotton  Features are soft, light, comfortable texture, smooth texture. It absorbs water and is well ventilated. But there are disadvantages in that the color fades and shrinks. After many uses and washings times  Suitable for making t-shirts or polo shirts as well

Texture comtwill
      It is a blend of synthetic fabrics. Polyester and natural fiber fabrics or Cotton which are thick. The spring fabric is good. By using small fibers to make the fabric fine.  The process of this type of fabric. will use burning hair before weaving thus making the fabric shiny than usual  This type of fabric is commonly used to make uniforms, shop shirts, trousers. When used for a long time, the color will fade and there will be flaky marks on the fabric.

Oron fabric
     Oron cloth  It is a fabric that is beautiful and colorful.  Emphasis on intersection. of dark and light colors Which can be divided into 2 Pattern is a thin fabric suitable for cutting shirts. and thick fabric Suitable for cutting uniforms such as shop shirts

Fabric Micro
     Fabric Micro  or Microfiber is a synthetic fiber fabric. Polyester The fabric is smooth, soft to the touch, lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking. because there are small fibers There is a gap in the fabric The fabric is difficult to wrinkle. But there is a disadvantage. Does not absorb sweat well  Fabric Micro It is more suitable for making sportswear

     These fabrics are popular fabrics that organizations and organizations prefer to cut t-shirts, polo shirts, and uniforms for their employees to wear. and made as gifts for souvenirs on special occasions  Each type of fabric has different properties. has both advantages and