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Things to know before designing

1. Brand consistency
Uniforms are used to promote and convey corporate branding to customers. Appropriate and recognizable clothing or uniforms will help familiarize customers. Bring trust and trust in the brand. Therefore, uniform design ensures that the concept and inspiration comes from the right colors, logos and fonts for the organization. Also, be different from other organizations to avoid customer confusion.

2. Employee cost and feedback
Because people must wear uniformsis an employee So it's important to listen to their voices. After producing and bringing the uniforms to employees to try on, they need to be asked periodically what the uniforms are like. Is it comfortable or suitable for work? Including the size and materials used for production. Employees' candid comments are then used to improve future costume designs.

Also, don't forget to always think about the cost. Most of the time, uniforms for employees are included in the benefits. Some companies may give away uniforms for free 3-4 costumes. Therefore, looking for a dress maker that is not expensive but has quality, standards and professionalism. Therefore, it is another important matter that cannot be overlooked. Especially large organizations that have to produce a lot of office suites at a time.

3. Dress Code and Regulations
When obtaining a uniformAppropriate for the organization. Be sure to set a clear dress code or policy for employees. This will help employees understand the same, avoid confusion, and know how to wear the uniform. Some companies may require uniforms. 6 days and another 1 The rest of the days are free days, can dress as you like. Or some places require wearing office clothes on weekdays, and on weekends, dress freely, etc. But in the production department or specialized work, it may be necessary to wear a uniform all the time. On these matters, the company must issue a clear regulation for understanding and not confusion. Including for employees to act in the same direction.